ECP4 welcomes two new members

For a great start of 2016 we are very happy to announce the incorporation of two new members to the Platform. We wish you all the best for the New Year.

Thursday, January 14, 2016 —

Lithuanian Plastic Cluster and Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland have joined ECP4


Lithuanian Plastic Cluster

Lithuanian plastic cluster corresponds to more than 20% of the Lithuanian Plastics Industry and currently includes 13 Lithuanian companies, to name Stigma UAB, Salinta UAB, Frilux UAB, Putokšnis UAB, Plasteksus UAB, Premeta UAB, Milvaras UAB, Terekas UAB, Meltera UAB, Šiauliai official college, Šiauliai industrialists association and Kaunas Technology University.

Lithuanian Plastic Cluster member companies during one year produces more than 8000 t tubes, pipes and fittings, almost 3500 billion PET preforms and bottles, a little bit under 1400 m² polystyrene, almost 63000 t sacks and bags, more than 450000 units of doors and windows and almost 20000 t polyurethane.

Lithuanian Plastic Cluster has extensive value chain, including injection molding, extrusion, blowing, design, machining, tooling, prototyping, thermoforming and subcontracting. It exports to 66% of European countries and to Russia as well.

Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland

In 2013, APT Ireland was formed within the Materials Research Institute (MRI) as a state funded polymer processing research centre to serve the €2 billion polymer industry in Ireland, which is comprised of 200 companies and employs 12 thousand people in Ireland.

The MRI has a core research focus on polymer materials processing, formulation and enhancement, supporting the development of innovative, high-value products, with the aim of increasing the global competitiveness of the EU based polymer sector. MRI provides support to a large number of Irish SMEs.

MRI conducts interdisciplinary research focused on polymer materials science and technology and builds upon over 40 years’ experience in the field. The MRI and is nationally recognized as the leading hub for polymer research and development in Ireland, with a long tradition in developing innovative polymer solutions for Irish industry. Processing laboratories are situated in a newly refurbished standalone building housing extrusion and injection moulding equipment.

About ECP4

About of ECP4

ECP4, The European Composites, Plastics and Polymer Processing Platform is an industry-driven collaboration that unites 25 members from 13 countries amongst the top-level European research institutions, regional plastic clusters, and EU-level industrial organizations of plastics and composites converters.

ECP4 brings innovation partners together to identify opportunities for collaborative Research and Development efforts which yield industrial innovation.

The objectives of the platform are:

  • To provide networking and collaboration among research institutions and the industry.
  • To facilitate the access of the European plastics industry to EU research programs, thus enabling SME’s to innovate, gain competitiveness and fulfil sustainable goals.
  • To communicate on new technologies and their relevance for the plastics converters and the composites industry.

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